Typically the first thing an employer or agency will get from you is your CV or an application form. We spend so much time trying to make sure that the CV looks attractive we forget to focus on the content.

Follow our 5 top tips below and make sure your CV is in top shape!

  • Ensure your CV is a clear, detailing your name correctly along with contact details.
  • Add a brief profile – make it personal especially if you are applying to various sectors.
  • Ensure you have a complete work history – along with a summary of your key duties/achievements
  • Keep the CV formatted as clearly as possible so that is it easy to read
  • Finally spell check your CV

We also recommend to keep your CV within 2 pages where possible and always save the document under your name as oppose to “CV.doc”.

If you need some guidance on your CV contact us on info@matchmedics.com or feel free to use our basic CV template below.

Basic CV template