More than often we think video/telephone interviews are easier and tend to pay less attention to the preparation actually required to ace the interview. Let’s be honest, you probably do prefer video/telephone interviews as you don’t have a panel of interviewers sitting in front of you, right?
As easy as they may seem, it is still very important to cast the right impression from the minute you answer the call.

Below are our top tips to make sure you succeed

  • Make sure that your profile photo for Skype/Zoom create the right impression, keep it professional as well as your user name.
  • Always make sure you are in a quiet setting – if it is a video call make sure the background is clear and lighting is good (best to give this a test run with a friend).
  • Avoid having any distractions near you (also try turning off online notifications for the duration of the call)
  • Have your CV in front of you – but please don’t read it word for word.
  • Ensure that you answer the call in a bright and cheerful way thanking them for calling you – remember your tone of voice says a lot.
  • If this is a video call ensure that you have the device placed at the right position, at or slightly above your eye line, so that you can be seen clearly by the interviewer.
  • Again, if it is a video call you need to look the part – dress smart as if you were attending an interview and make eye contact.
Remember, employers usually use video/telephone interviews to choose candidates they want to proceed to the next stage so make the most of this opportunity.