Unless you’re a night owl, you probably dread when your round of night shifts appear on the rota. Worry not, we have some great ideas on how you can tackle them and still stay fit and healthy.

  • Sleep – Night’s shifts interrupt your natural pattern of sleeping so you really have to schedule your sleeping patter when it comes to night shifts. Try to darken the room as much as possible and ensure that anything that can disrupt you is turned off or on silent mode.
  • Cut down the caffeine – who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a coffee or cola to keep you alert during your night shift, but be wise as this can affect your sleep when you do get back home.
  • Exercise – studies suggest the most fatigue and drowsiness is felt around 4 am, so why to get up and get active to help boost back that energy for the final few hours
  • Food – it can feel strange having a big meal at 2-3 am but try to eat healthy nutritious food instead of nibbling on unhealthy snacks. Eating right will keep your energy levels steady and will avoid any digestive issues when you do get home.

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