As we head towards the next rotation a lot of us will think about updating our CV but are we doing it right? As a recruiter I can tell you that it would only take me a few seconds to decide if I would be interested in shortlisting you or not (studies show its around 6 seconds!!!). Now that’s a short time to catch the eye for potentially the job you dreamt of getting. Worry not! We are here to help you polish up your CV and get it tip top shape for you to secure an interview.

Below are 5 top tips we highly recommend

CV Tip #1 – Formatting

When writing your CV try to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Make it easy for them to review your CV. How you ask?

  •  Stick to one font
  •  Stick to one font size
  •  Arrange ‘Work Experience’ starting with current post and work backwards
  •  Avoid using boxes or tables
  •  Avoid pictures or info graphics
  •  Don’t change font colour – stick to black

CV Tip #2 – Job Details

When drafting your ‘Work Experience’ here’s a few pointers we recommend:

  1. Job Title & Specialty
  2. Start Month / Year – End Month / Year
  3. Hospital Name, Location, Country

Following this, go into the detail of the job

  • Describe your job
  •  By using between 5 and 10 bullet points
  •  Detailing the specific duties / procedures / responsibilities you personally undertook on the job
  •  This is the prime opportunity to include any career highlights or specialist experience worth noting
  •  With this format you are leading the reader’s eye down the page and keeping their attention.
  •  Don’t use paragraphs – this is a sales document, not a short novel
  •  Try avoid using ‘I’ when describing your duties
  •  Limit language describing what your team did. They are looking to hire you – not your awesome colleagues.

CV Tip #3 – Brand Me!

For any job you apply to, regardless of industry, you have to think of your competition. Who am I going up against for this dream job (in Ireland )


The best way to showcase YOU and kick off your CV on a high note is with a ‘Personal Profile’.

Here is just one sample personal profile of a doctor we recently secured a contract for here in

‘South African qualified Senior Emergency Medicine Physician with 12+ years’ experience in an EM / Primary Care setting. Currently running private urgent care clinic. Diploma in EM, ATLS, ACLS, PALS, BLS.’

That is what the MatchMedics team considers to be a crash hot personal profile!! You are giving the reader all the info they want to see – all the cold hard facts – all the reasons to keep reading your CV and ultimately calling you for interview.

When you are writing up your CV have this personal profile at the very top (after your name, contact details) before education and experience.

CV Tip #4 – Qualifications

We recommend using the following format:

  1. Name of Qualification
  2. Date obtained
  3. Education body, location

Under qualifications you can put your medical degree, certifications (e.g. BLS, ACLS, and ATLS) and membership exams part or fully completed (e.g. MRCGP / MRCPUK / FRCEM / FRCAUK). This is also the perfect place to include that you have in date ielts / oet (English language qualification required for all non EU medical graduates).

CV Tip #5 – HIRE ME

In our final tip we are bringing all of the pieces of the CV puzzle together to give the reader a reason to hire you!

With the following CV format you will stand out from the crowd:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Personal Profile
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Publications / Research / Courses
  • Consultant References

Remember – your CV is a sales document. Its sole purpose is to secure you an interview. So SELL YOUR EXPERIENCE and give the HR / Recruiter / Hiring Consultant a reason to schedule that interview!

We hope that this helps you in perfecting your CV but if you are still not sure then drop me CV on for a review!