Hello! Welcome to our 1st edition on Friday Feeds….This is a platform where we will bring topics to you related to the healthcare industry and around general recruitment.  Short and snappy and something to talk about… Enjoy!

That dreaded question – Tell me about yourself?

You hear that and you think ‘not again’…I mean how many times throughout the recruitment process do you get asked this question????

Repetitive? Boring? All about me me me….Well it is! ….as a recruiter I can tell you this question is never going to leave you. So, why not prepare instead.

My useful hints and tips:

  • Don’t overthink it – be natural, this is the best way to get your life summed up in what 60 seconds or less.
  • Throw in your key achievements – always a plus, now stay on track this is not the time to bring in high school history but relate to the role you have applied for.
  • Mix it up and bring in something that would reflect your personality – not your personal life.
  • This is a big no – avoid saying “well what you want to know?”
  • And, finally avoid summarizing your CV word for word.

One thing I always say, as much interviews can be a daunting experience, remember it’s as much about you understanding the employer as it is about the employer finding the right fit.

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