In our 5th edition of the Match Medics COVID 19: Newsletter Series, we join the British Medical Journal podcast in one of their latest episodes looking at the public health response to COVID 19. BMJ host is joined by a panel of public health experts from the US and the UK as they compare how America and the United Kingdom are handling covid vs. the rest of the world.

One of the biggest challenges public health experts and epidemiologists are coming up against is the cross border sharing of data collected during this pandemic and the integrity and accuracy of this data.

Jump into the below link to hear the panel’s take on how best to tackle the data challenges we are facing during this and may likely face in future healthcare pandemics if these barriers aren’t overcome.

The key: global collaboration.

For our wellness segment we look at how covid has changed the modern day office space for workers throughout Ireland working from home for the foreseeable future. Brian Crooke, host of The Work Well Podcast, and his guest Shauna Moran discuss how remote work is all about designing a daily mental productivity plan. Own your work – own your schedule. And don’t forget to switch off.

To finish off this newsletter, the Leinster String Quartet brings us Coldplay’s Viva La Vida recorded in one of Dublin’s top university teaching hospitals – Tallaght Hospital.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of COVID 19: Newsletter Series! If you have an informative or feel good story you want to share or a friend or colleague you feel should be acknowledged let us know and we will include it in our next edition of COVID 19: Newsletter Series.

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