In the latest edition of our COVID 19: Newsletter Series, we listen to the most recent release by Science Weekly where host Sarah Boseley, joined by Infectious Diseases and Professor in Vaccinology, Helen McShane, discusses one of many possible paths researchers are taking to find a solution to this global pandemic.

Prof McShane examines whether or not the BCG vaccine, typically administered at birth, has any impact on lowering the rate of mortality in COVID 19 patients. Like the many other trials currently happening across the world, Prof McShane reinforces that at present there is no evidence from a controlled group to prove or disprove this theory. There are studies being undertaken in healthcare workers in both Australia and The Netherlands. Have a listen yourself a the below link.

For our self-care tip we bring you a book recommendation – Run For Your Life by William Pullan. Like many others, members of the Match Medics team have rediscovered their love of running (within 2km of their apartment / house). Daily exercise plays a vital role in keeping both physically and mentally healthy. Dip into William’s book to find out more on the power of running.

Lastly, for all those parents who during this time have quickly discovered that teaching is not for them, we call in the help of some reinforcements in the shape of British comedy legend Rob Beckett and his new home school sessions *Disclaimer – parental guidance advised.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of COVID 19: Newsletter Series! If you have an informative or feel good story you want to share or a friend or colleague you feel should be acknowledged let us know and we will include it in our next edition of COVID 19: Newsletter Series.

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