Have you ever imagined how it would be to have a life in Ireland?  What Ireland has to offer, as a country for you and your family personal and career wise?

The MatchMedics team are constantly thinking about new ways of helping international doctors with the big decision of moving to a new country and we all know that when comes to the point of moving to a completely new country, we have lots of questions to be answered.

When working closely to international doctors our main job is to answer all your questions to make your move as smooth and as clear as possible. As a result there are a few questions that we answer every day is:

  • Am I eligible to work as a doctor in Ireland?
  • What do I need to start the registration with Irish Medical Council and how long it will take to get my registration?
  • How about the salaries in Ireland?
  • What locations will I be eligible to work?
  • How it is the every day in an Irish hospital?
  • What visa do I need?
  • Can I bring my family?
  • How’s the life in Ireland?
  • What are the best cities to live and how much is the cost of living
  • and so on..


So because of all the questions that we get every day we decided to answer all your questions in a fortnightly posts!

Apart from all the basic questions to be answered, and all the information about the life in Ireland we will be also bringing international doctor from different countries to give their point of view about life in Ireland, we have so many great ideas for this blog and we are super excited with this new project!

So keep you eyes here and don’t miss out our fortnightly posts about life and all the information about the medical career in Ireland!

Why don’t you message the MatchMedics Team to start your process RIGHT NOW?

Juliana Mendes – For Anaesthetics, Surgery, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine and GPs

Denisa Derecichei – For all Medical Sub Specialties

Suzanne Maguire – For Anaesthetics and Surgery

James Fleming – For Radiology and Psychiatry

Graham Cosgrave – For Emergency Medicine, GPs and Paediatrics

In short, we can’t wait to be here fortnightly answering in public all the questions that we have been answering on phone in our every day calls!